Why You Should Consider Studying Tourism And Travel

The travel and tourism industry has been witnessing a series of trends for past few decades. Before exploring career opportunities in this field, it would be wise to take a look at the current standing of this industry.

People wish to travel more frequently. Apart from long-stay vacations, they also look forward to weekend getaways.
They are more interested in creative tourism. People are looking for authentic experience.
Cruise trips are more popular than ever.
People now expect high service levels, no matter where and for how long they travel. They have zero tolerance for poor services.
Even seniors wish to travel frequently, favoring long stays at quiet and relaxed places.
Travel to exotic destinations and heritage tourism are becoming more popular.
Travel enthusiasts have a number of options available to them. Tour operators who are knowledgeable, convincing and are able to offer them genuine deals can quickly build great business.
Tour and travel professionals with adequate knowledge of destinations, excellent communication and interpersonal skills can build rewarding careers in the industry.
A majority of travellers still rely on holiday packages and planned tours.

Needless to say, tourism and travel industry is booming in all areas, including luxury travel, leisure travel, heritage tourism, creative tourism, weekend getaways and adventure tourism. This has resulted in a significant increase in the number of new career opportunities for young adults who are active, knowledgeable, well-trained and can offer expert advice along with making quick travel arrangements.

Therefore, aspiring tour and travel professionals must be well versed in world geography for tourism, routine travel agency operations and customer service standards. With this, they must be well trained in booking airline, cruise and ground transportation tickets, helping clients with visa and passport requirements, online ticket booking (transportation, events, shows, etc.), making accommodation arrangements and selling and marketing holiday packages.

A tourism and travel program can help interested candidates in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the world of work and build rewarding careers in this field. There are a number of tourism and travel courses available in Canada at different degree levels. However, those who wish to quickly enter the world of work can opt for one-year post-secondary program in travel and tourism. It helps them get a quickie credential to start working in tourism industry. In addition, it also helps them in exploring various career options and more advanced study programs in travel and tourism.

A number of colleges provide post-secondary travel and tourism programs in Canada. However, not all are accredited. They may also not provide practical exposure to students, which is a necessary condition to seek employment in this field. Centennial College’s one-year post-secondary program is accredited by UNWTO TedQuel. It also trains students on Apollo and Sabre computerized airline reservation systems. Volunteer opportunities for Centennial students also exist at various events in Toronto, such as Walk of Fame, Rendezvous Canada and various trade shows.

Interested candidates need to submit their applications with the college along with application fee, a secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent and scores in English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent. The program graduates can either pursue their careers or enroll themselves in a travel and tourism degree program at the university.

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Benefits Of Choosing A Travel Agency For Your Next Vacation

Choosing a travel agency to handle your next vacation as opposed to dealing directly with an airline presents numerous benefits. Here are a few of the benefits you enjoy:

Wealth of information

Because of their experience and wide connections with people in the hospitality industry, travel agencies are in the best position to provide sound advice when it comes to the following points: off peak and peak travel times, budget travel, hotel and meal deals, excursions, shopping bargains, and other tourism-related topics. Much will depend on your preferences. For instance, are you interested in a golf holiday, a fishing trip, a museum jaunt or a spa type of vacation?

Discounted fares

Travel agencies and online travel agencies are great for bargain hunting and usually get the best deals from their network of contacts. They also purchase air tickets on volume, consolidated tickets, enabling them to buy air tickets at considerably higher discounts.

Extended network of suppliers and providers

Given that travel agents deal every day with hotel managers, restaurant owners and managers, bed and breakfast supervisors, tour operators, limousine companies, and other people who offer a specialized service, they know who and what are offering better prices and when. So travel agents have a wealth of information on just about anything related to travel, and because they network with other travel agents, they get to exchange valuable tips. Consider yourself fortunate if you happen to be dealing with a travel agent who seems to know just about everyone in the travel industry and who can offer you the discounts that she reserves for preferred clients.

Group discounts

If you tell your travel agent that you and your friends want to travel together or that you’re taking your family of four on a Kenyan safari, he or she might be able to slash off more dollars from your air tickets because you will be travelling in a group. Sometimes, when you buy three adult tickets, travel agents will let your four-year-old travel for free or at a much lower price. Travel agents can, at their discretion, extend courtesy discounts to groups. The more seats are bought and the more rooms are booked, the higher the discounts they receive.


Travel agents also have access to suppliers and service providers who hand out bonuses or perks. These are the nice extra incentives that say, hotel managers would give to agents so that the next time the travel agency has a large group of travelers, they choose the same hotel. Meal vouchers are another example that travel agencies have a constant supply of to give to loyal customers. For example, if you and your friends like to visit Las Vegas a lot, your travel agency may give you slot chips worth $50.00 to use on machines, or free passes to a stage show or concert. So you see, it does pay to develop good relationships with travel agencies especially if you’re a frequent traveler.


Some travel agencies specialize in certain types of travel and cater to a certain age group or specific professional groups. Some travel agencies have more strengths and capabilities than other travel agencies. One travel agency may know the ins and outs of Eastern Europe or may know what the best budget restaurants in Tokyo are. Other travel agencies may cater specifically to retirees, students or government officials.

When a travel agency handles a large account like a mid-size company whose executives travel weekly, you can be sure that travel agency is in a position to offer significant savings on plane tickets or hotel reservations. If you have a friend who works for a large company and his company uses one travel agency, you could ask him to request the travel agency for special deals. Because travel agents are grateful for the continuing patronage of their company clients, they will most likely share tips on how to travel on a shoestring budget for the executives’ children.

Don’t let one unfortunate experience with a travel agency discourage you. Find another. If you deal with the airlines directly, you’re just another caller to them, whereas if a travel agent calls the airline on your behalf, the airline will recognize the travel agency as a regular customer and hence would be more inclined to extend courtesies.

What you need to do before calling a travel agency is to decide:

Specific travel dates
Where you want to go, where you want to stay and whether you’ll need a car or rail passes
If you’re willing to travel on a restricted ticket or as a standby passenger
What activities you’d like to do once you arrive in your destination
By giving your travel agency complete information, she can be more efficient in helping you plan your next vacation.

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How A Travel Agent Can Save You Money On Your Next Trip

These days, many families have their put their vacation plans toward the bottom of their list of priorities. During tougher times, a vacation can seem to simply cost too much money. However, if you are thinking about going on a vacation, you might want to look into working with a travel agent to save money on vacation expenses. Working with a travel agent to plan your vacation means you might be able to afford the trip you thought you would have to put off until next year. For this reason alone it is definitely worth exploring the possibility. So how can working with a travel agent save you money?

Your travel agent will help you get the most out of your budget

Whether your travel budget is $500 or $5,000, working with a travel agent is probably the best way to make the most of your money. Especially if you’re traveling on a tight budget, the skills, knowledge, and experience of a travel agent can be invaluable.

Just make sure when you’re discussing travel plans with your agent, you are absolutely clear about how much money you have to spend. If you want to travel as cheaply as possible, make sure your travel agent understands this so that they have a good idea of the types of travel and accommodation they should be finding for you.

Your travel agent can quickly access a number of providers

Travel agents typically have access to a large network of travel, accommodation, and activity providers. With computer systems that provide access to travel agents all over the world, they can quickly locate details of discount travel providers in many countries. This is one of the main reasons why working with a travel agent is a good idea when you’re on a strict budget. They have access to a large number of different resources, software, and industry contacts, all of which they can use when hunting down the best bargains.

Your travel agent knows the cheapest times to travel

Some days are less expensive to travel on than other days. Red-eye flights and stand-by flights can be less expensive, but direct flights can cost more than taking a circuitous route that involves several different connections. Your travel agent should be very knowledgeable on the process of all this and knows that flights booked on Friday, Sunday, and Monday are generally more expensive. You stand a better chance of saving money on flights if you’re flexible about your travel dates.

In addition, your travel agent can quickly tell you if your vacation plans fall within a peak season during which flights to your destination are significantly more expensive. This means that you can modify your travel plans if you wish. Changing plans may include a cheaper destination or traveling during the offseason to save money on your flight.

Advanced booking is another factor that your travel agent can use to help you get cheaper flights. You should be booking at least six months ahead to get the most affordable tickets. Your agent should tell you that the holiday season is always a relatively expensive time to travel, no matter how far in advance you book.

Your travel agent has access to bulk discounts and consolidated tickets

If you’re willing to travel as part of an organized tour, your travel agent can help you access travel and accommodation. There are also specials for activities that are significantly cheaper than what you would spend if you did the same activities alone. This is because as part of a tour you can take advantage of bulk discounts. You can even organize your own tour through your travel agent, and the organizer might get to travel for free!

Consolidated tickets provide you with the chance to save on your air travel costs. A consolidated ticket is simply a ticket which was purchased by the agent as part of a large group of tickets sold by the same airline. The agent gets a bulk discount on the tickets and can pass that discount on to their clients.

Your travel agent has industry contacts and experience

This translates into money being put back into your pocket. Your travel agent may be in regular contact with many industry professionals, and might be able to get you a great deal on a tour being planned by another agent. If you’re flexible with travel times, your agent may advise you to adjust your trip dates to travel during a cheaper part of the week, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in travel costs. An experienced agent should have expert knowledge of your travel destination and can provide advice on budget accommodation and activities. The agent may often be able to provide discount coupons, free passes, and other incentives.

Best of all, none of these advantages come at a price! You can take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience that your travel agent provides, and can potentially save a great deal of money in the process.

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What A Travel Agency Provides For The Vacationer

Just as you have many different options when selecting where to travel and what to do when you get there, you also have a variety of choices when selecting the travel agency that will help you to design your perfect vacation. When you are looking for the perfect travel agency to help you with all of your travel needs, it is first important that you understand the basic types of travel agencies from which to choose and significant differences in terms of the services they provide to a vacationer.

Before looking at different niches of travel agencies, one large distinction exists. Do you want to work with an online-based travel agency, or a locally-based travel agency? Depending on how either type of travel agency is run, you can have a vastly different experience. With an online-based travel agency, you can often receive service 24/7 and book your travel at any time that is most convenient to you. You will be able to retrieve information from many online-based travel agencies “on demand,” or exactly when you request it.

With a locally-based travel agency, you can often form relationships with particular travel agents who will also be your main point of contact for any future travel that you plan. In addition, the agents in your locally-based agency will be able to maintain information specific to your desires to help them to provide suggestions for future vacations. These are only a few of the distinctions between online and local travel agencies.

One recent innovation great for the customer is the emergence of travel agencies who provide both of the above – the personal service of a local, walk-in office with the 24/7 and technological convenience of online access to all your itineraries, account information and options for self-service booking when you want it. Look for a national brand with a history of providing reliable service and customer satisfaction; these companies are most likely to provide you with the best of both worlds in travel agency services.

Once you have determined whether you will use an online or a local travel agency, there are additional options from which to choose. The first option to consider is the level of service an agency will provide. Travel agencies can run the gamut from full service to self service. Especially with online travel agencies, information may simply be provided to aid in your travel decisions while leaving much of the leg work to you. If you prefer a travel planning experience that allows you to seek out all of your own information and make all of your decisions and reservations independently, a self service travel agency will be your best bet.

Full service travel agencies, whether online-based or locally-based, offer the exact opposite scenario. They pair an agent with you to provide all of the information you need, when you need it, and to be on hand to help you with all of the travel decisions that you make. In addition, they will handle all of your bookings and payments and logistics, sparing you the need to do so on your own. In between self service and full service agencies are other options that offer a combination of do-it-yourself plans and planning that involves the step-by-step guidance of a travel professional.

The second option is the type of travel an agency may designate as their specialty. Some travel agencies work only with domestic travel planning. They can assist you with any need you may have related to travel within the United States and its possessions. Other travel agencies work specifically to aid travelers in planning overseas travel. A further narrowing of this niche can occur when a travel agency focuses only on one particular area of the world for the travel services they provide, such as Europe or the Caribbean. You can also choose travel agencies that focus only on one particular type of travel, such as cruises or multi-segmented trips. It can be very important for you to decide whether you would like to partner with a niche travel agency, or a travel agency that is more broad-based.

The third option is the type of traveler an agency may specialize in assisting. Some travel agencies only work with a specific demographic of travel. For instance, you may choose a travel agency that caters to single travelers. This type of agency may work to put together travel packages and tours specifically geared towards singles instead of couples or families. Other travel agencies may work with just that – couples or families. Whether they focus on providing romantic destination options for two, or kid-friendly destinations for the whole family, this can be a popular niche for travel agencies. Finally, a travel agency may choose to focus exclusively on business travelers instead of leisure travelers. They may have options available to offer that are particularly suited to travelers who need different amenities and more flexibility in scheduling.

In conclusion there are many services a travel agency provides to make your life easier when planning a vacation or business travel. Most importantly, the agent offers years of expertise and knowledge of other travelers’ experiences from which you can benefit.

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Advantages Of Working With A Travel Agency

If you are interested in booking a vacation, you have two main choices. You can do the work yourself, or you can choose to work with a travel agent. Although many people think they will save time and money by doing the work themselves, it is the opposite that is usually true. The next time you plan a vacation, you should consider the following benefits to working with a travel agent.

Travel agents know the best days to travel.

When working with a travel agent, you are dealing with someone who not only books dozens (or even hundreds) of vacations every year, but also someone who probably travels often him or herself. Travel agents understand the best days to travel from a budget perspective, as well as from a time perspective. If your dates are flexible, a travel agent can help you find the cheapest, most hassle-free options.

Save money on flights, hotels, and other types of reservations.

Almost all travel companies offer group rates. The problem is, when you travel with your family, you likely will not have enough people to get that group discount, even if you travel with a big family. With a travel agent, you will get the discount because they buy tickets in bulk. You may also get a discount simply because travel professionals get special discounts through professional affiliations.

It takes virtually no work when you let a travel agent plan your vacation for you.

Although you should still do a little research in order to know what questions to ask your travel agent and to make wise decisions on your travel options, you should have to spend little or no time dealing with the details of final booking and other preparations. You will save hours and hours of time!

Travel agents can answer travel document questions.

Laws regarding visas and passports are constantly changing. Although you typically still have to go through the application process yourself, your travel agent can make sure that you understand important deadlines and answer your logistical questions.

You might get insider perks with travel agents.

Some vacation options and travel perks might only be available for people who book with a travel agent. In short, travel agents know the right questions to ask. For example, if you are a newlywed and book through a travel agent, they might be able to get you a honeymoon suite for the same price as a regular room. Travel agents know how to reap the most benefits when booking vacations.

Travel agents can answer questions about your destination.

Chances are that your travel agent (or someone in his or her office) has been to most of the common travel destinations. That means that they should be able to answer your questions about the vacation. From the best restaurants to what to expect when traveling around town on public transportation, travel agents know how to answer your vacation questions.

Travel agents can recommend travel options that are more affordable.

One of the most common reasons for people not traveling more often is that travel is expensive. You might want to travel to a foreign tropical island paradise, for example, on a shoestring budget. Your travel agent can suggest a domestic sunny location, which gives you longer vacation options on your budget.

Kid-friendly travel is much easier with using a travel agent.

There are many challenges to traveling with children, especially young children. Travel agents can help you to deal with these problems. Remember, they book trips for families all of the time. Along the same lines, they can also help solve problems traveling with pets, senior citizens, or disabled individuals.

When your travel plans change, a travel agent can help you deal with these problems.

Things do not always go as planned. When this happens and you have reserved the various portions of your trip by yourself, you have dozens of calls to make, changing dates and trying to save as much money as possible. When working with a travel agent, you only have one call to make. Better yet, the travel agent might be able to get your dates of travel changed or get you a partial refund whereas alone, you might have simply lost the money.

You have a single bill to pay with a travel agent.

Instead of making a ton of small purchases with multiple receipts, confirmation and reservation numbers, you will have one big bill to pay. Better yet, most travel agents have payment plans, in which you pay a certain amount each month until your date of travel. They might even have financing plans to make things easier. With a travel agent, vacations can be stress-free from a financial perspective, on top of all of the planning perks.

Using a travel agent, online or in-person, to plan and reserve your next vacation has many advantages over doing it yourself. You do not have to go it alone to save time and money. In fact, not using a travel agent can cost you more dollars and headache than you would have had you chosen the services of an experienced travel agent.

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How To Use Your Credit Card For Free Travel Pledge

Increasingly more folks are choosing in for the cheapest points to acquire by looking around, utilizing factor and searching for areas that get ‘freebies’. Holiday TRAVEL INSURANCE is one of those things.Everyone loves a freebie, Medical Travel Insurance at least the impression of a free offer and numerous do not know that they could get a travel insurance plan without needing to pay added costs.

Best Life Insurance

Most of all major charge card as well as the smaller sized business are using ‘free’ travel insurance to motivate their card owners to acquire their travel utilizing their cards.This has both benefits and drawbacks which includes managing to stockpile on your frequent leaflet points, if the program is additionally connected to the card.Best Travel Insurance For Canadians COMPARE THE MARKET TRAVEL INSURANCE Not only are you increasing your leaflet miles you are likewise acquiring a travel insurance policy. There are a lot of points that you definitely should know when utilizing your bank card for travel insurance. The very first and essential point is that by paying your journeys utilizing your card does not immediately offer you a plan. You should contact your financial organization and recommend that you’ve made your investment.You will then have to prove you’ve spent for the travel completely and needs to show give them with the plan that is scheduled. When this is done they will certainly then give you with a plan number.I advise that you check with your card service provider that a) you will be covered and b) what are the disorders.As this is a ‘complimentary’ cover which is additional of an advantage of the card the coverage is simply standard … quite basic. Do make sure you inspect the plan specifics before decided.For superior danger countries which are specified as Africa, Middle East and even USA I would recommend improving holiday travel insurance to cover you. As the clinical bills and the threat of theft for instance will certainly be above exactly what your bank card firm desires to pay for BEST TRAVEL INSURANCE.I use the word ‘free of cost’ freely in this write-up because let’s face it http://www.themoneylion.co.uk/insurancequotes/lifestyle/cheaptravelinsurancecomparison absolutely nothing is truly complimentary. If you book using your bank card you are going to get slapped with a fee frequently between 2-5 % of the investment. As a result if you are paying $3,000 for your travels then you can pay between $60 and $150.This is where you have to consider what’s ideal for you. For $150 you could probably get a medium to full coverage insurance coverage with all the bells and whistles. Why would you utilize the remarkably basic cover for the same price.Provided, you may book online and obtain slapped with the charges for credit cards anyway, the choice being going to the workplace or company and paying money or making use of Eftpos. So once more this is where it boils down to just what is ideal for you.You can definitely conserve money on your holiday travel insurance policy by making using of your bank card, Compare Travel Insurance For Seniors the only catch is your limited to what you’re paid for.Want to figure out if you can reduce your travel?Acquire a quote on Holiday Travel Insurance here then compare the cost and the perks to your credit card firms’ plan. Compare The Market Travel Insurance View if you can save utilizing this method and whether it is worth it.Nothing But Adventure has lots of Travel Tips and Advice that could assist you minimize your trips, hotels and resorts, travel insurance, navigating and much more.

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Checkout Travel Turkey For A Unique Holiday Experience

Turkey is surely one of the best countries for all those tourists who would like to travel through time experiencing the Stone Age in central Anatolia and the Bronze Age in Troy along with the enjoying the rich historical and cultural tradition of the land. The Istanbul tours have always been the center of attraction to travel Turkey as you can experience both history and nature in this city with wonderful tourist places like Santa Sophia palace, Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace, Galata tower, Pera district, Dolmabahce Palace and some other beautiful locations that cannot be missed on a Turkey tour. Similarly, the temple of Artemis in Ephesus was also ranked as one of the seven wonders in the world and other attractions like caves of seven sleepers, St.Luke’s grave, Fountain of Trajan, archeological museums are great places attracting tourists from across the world. Turkey is a versatile land with gleaming Aegean on the west and the remote slopes of Mount Ararat on the east with huge landscapes and picturesque locations that really enthralls the tourists. You can also find the land as a witness to the great Greek and Roman civilizations that flourished in Turkey and hence people from different origins have settled in this distinctive land.

To travel Turkey you can actually check out for the tour operators who offer more than 200 flexible itineraries that cover every corner in Turkey for you to truly understand the country and enjoy the local attractions that can be found nowhere else in the world. You can check out for the Istanbul tours, Ephesus tours, Cappadocia tours, and Anzac-Gallipoli-Troy tours etc that are customized according to the interests of the individual travelers. There are also special packages for those who like to design their own travel itineraries who shall be offered a rented fully air conditioner van along with a driver and professional guide to visit places that you would like to see in Turkey. By engaging private tour packages you can have the flexibility of spending time as long as you wish in places of your interest and also your accommodation for stay.

The Istanbul tours have always been the center of attraction to travel Turkey as you can experience both history and nature in this city with wonderful tourist places like Santa Sophia palace, Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace, Galata tower, Pera district, Dolmabahce Palace and some other beautiful locations that cannot be missed on a Turkey tour. Similarly, the temple of Artemis in Ephesus was also ranked as one of the seven wonders in the world and other attractions like caves of seven sleepers, St.Luke’s grave, Fountain of Trajan, archeological museums are great places attracting tourists from across the world.

So whichever locations you choose to explore as part of the travel Turkey you can expect best accommodation and guided tours offered by the tour operators to travel across any part of the country for a unique experience. There are also special packages for those who like to design their own travel itineraries who shall be offered a rented fully air conditioner van along with a driver and professional guide to visit places that you would like to see in Turkey. By engaging private tour packages you can have the flexibility of spending time as long as you wish in places of your interest and also your accommodation for stay. So just plan for a Turkey travel to enjoy the exciting tour packages offered by tour operators that cover major tourist attractions in the country along with safe transportation and comfortable accommodation.

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Top Places Online To Get Travel Tips From

The Internet is no doubt one of the best sources of travel tips and ideas these days. With just a click of a button, you’ll immediately have access to webpages that contain travel tips and destination ideas you can sure use for your next vacation. Here are some of the top places to go online whenever you need ideas on your next destination, what to bring on your trip, and what spots not to miss.


Number one on the list is YouTube. Yes, it’s obvious that most of the travel channels and videos you will find in this video archives site are used for marketing and promotion, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s still one of the best sources of information when it comes to choosing a travel destination. Additionally, there are many YouTube channels that offer genuine travel advice such as Sonia’s Travels and Mojo TV. Sonia’s Travels offers useful travel advice such as how to pack your toiletries when travelling or which types of luggage to use. Mojo TV, on the other hand, gives you a glimpse of some of the many wonderful tourist spots around the world. Subscribe to these channels and you are sure to receive up to date practical travel tips all the time.

Online Tours and Travel Sites

Most of these sites exist to sell travel packages and whatnot, but they are also undoubtedly the first place people go to when in need of destination ideas. If you know where and how to look, you’ll find an excellent tours and travel website that can offer you the best deal you can ever find online. Tips and advice you can get from such websites usually include cheapest hotels to stay at, travel itinerary, and of course, travel packages that they themselves offer.

Personal Travel Blogs

Travel writers are no doubt some of the best, if not the best sources of practical travel tips and advice. If you wish to find out everything you need about a particular country or city you are planning to visit, find a popular travel blogger who lives in that place. Most travel writers love to write about their own regions, so visiting their blogs will give you detailed information of that particular place you wish to visit.

Travel Review and Forum Sites

Last on the list are travel review sites and travel forum sites. Most of the tips and advice you will get from these types of sites come from real people who have visited real places around the world. More often than not, you’ll get tips that are really practical and something that you will find very useful for your next trip. In many cases, too, you will only read about rants and negative feedback that do not actually help at all. The key here is to choose very carefully which review and forum sites to visit when looking for travel tips. Also, when reading reviews, it’s always important to read in context and not get discouraged by negative reviews. There will always be negative reviews so make sure you go by the statistics. If a particular destination gets negative reviews, but most of the reviews overall are positive, don’t erase it from your list yet.

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Tourism And Travel Programs Enjoys Vital Endorsement

Endorsements from recognized and respected organizations associated with the field for which a post-secondary program prepares students are vital. They signal to employers a high standard of learning and often allow students special privileges once they graduate.

Centennial College’s Tourism and Travel offering is one of the travel and tourism programs in Ontario that is endorsed by the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors (CITC). As such, the CITC knowledge exam and Travel Industry Council of Ontario minimum standards exam are included as part of the program. CITC student membership and attendance at the annual Students in Travel conference are also available to students.

That, however, is just the beginning of the benefits students enjoy by attending this offering. From the campus to the Tourism and Travel courses and faculty members, students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for work either retail or wholesale travel companies such as: tour operations, retail travel agencies, Internet booking agencies, tourist offices, cruise lines and airlines. Among the organizations at which Centennial College grads have been hired are Marlin Travel, Sears Travel, Thomas Cook Group, Carlson Wagonlit, Air Transat/Nolitours, Goway, Sunwing, Travel Corporation and Kensington Tours.

How does the campus benefit students of this offering? As home to all of the programs within School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture, it contains facilities that boast the latest software students will work with in the field. For students of this offering that means Apollo and Sabre computerized airline reservation system training. Additionally, the housing of all Hospitality, Tourism and Culture programs at this one location ensures that students have plenty of networking opportunities with peers as well as industry professionals. Networking (and an enhanced experience) is furthered even more through an optional international field trip that provides practical exposure to all aspects of travel as well as volunteer opportunities at major events in and around Toronto (such as the Walk of Fame, Rendezvous Canada and a range of trade shows).

In terms of particular courses, this offering rivals any travel and tourism degree program as they offer students in-depth knowledge of airline tariffs and ticketing, accommodation and ground transportation and the cruise industry. Students also have extensive world destination knowledge, including culture and heritage training, passport and visa requirements, travel security, customer sales and service, and much more. Specific courses within this undertaking include: Wholesale Tour Operations, Destinations (Western Hemisphere/ Europe and Africa/Asia and the Pacific), Travel Agency Operations, Sales and Marketing for the Travel Agency, and many others.

It is worth noting that cruise line training includes the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) two and a half-day training fest conducted by CLIA-Trainers.

To apply for this offering, students are required to have completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older) as well as English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required) or take the Centennial College English Skills Assessment for Admission.

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Find Amazing Travel Deals And Information With Getflown.com

Are you planning a fun and relaxing vacation? The best way to ensure that it will be relaxing is to make sure that all of the details are worked out before you even board that plan. You can use Getflown.com to plan your trip and to find great hotel and flight information. Getflown.com has information from hundreds of different reliable sources so that you can completely enjoy your vacation and have everything figured out. You can easily compare hotel & flight bookings and find great deals on hotels in Oceania, US, South America, and Europe, as well as other areas. That way you can get great deals on your flights and hotel stays so that you aren’t paying a fortune. There are always deals happening, and Getflown.com knows about them! Find a huge collection of up to date information on Getflown.com so that you can find a beautiful hotel to stay at and save yourself some money. Getflown.com has a very organized site that helps you find the best deals.

If you are looking for an elegant and above and beyond hotel, then you are definitely in luck. Getflown.com gives you great features so that you can easily find the hotel you are looking for. There are thousands of different choices in cities such as New Delhi, Bali, New York City, and more. There are so many different countries to explore with Getflown.com and you can enjoy all of the best hotels as well as superb deals.

When you save money on a fancy hotel, you are adding extra money to your trip on souvenirs and fun activities. This is a great thing to do for yourself and will make your stay even more fun. Getflown.com lets you compare prices to find the best deal in your designated city, and also lets you know what you are paying for so that there won’t be any surprises. Getflown.com ensures you will have all of the important information you need to have a peaceful journey.

Getflown.com offers you great deals on all of your travel needs so that you can have the trip of a lifetime without any stress about flights, hotels, or other travel expenses. You can see a list of resources below to understand exactly what Getflown.com offers you:

– Flight and hotel information in thousands of different locations in Oceania, US, South America, Europe, Asia, and more.

– Access to the site in your preferred language. There are 23 languages available.

– See prices in your preferred currency. Over 120 currencies available including USD and CAD, British pounds, Pesos, Rupees, and more.

– 2,000,000+ hotel deals to help you save money.

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